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Our inviting atmosphere and skilled therapists are here to ensure you leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Come experience serenity with us today.

Our Services

01  Massages

We believe in the beautiful, healing and calming effect of massages to both body and mind. Give your body the self-care it needs. Indulge in our blissful massage treatments—

02  Facials

Facials can be both therapeutic and relaxing. That’s why we’ve chosen DOCTOR BABOR, an exclusive skincare line from Germany, to deliver world-class facial treatments that harmonize science with nature, leaving your skin rejuvenated and glowing.

03  Foot Spa

Our feet bear the weight of our entire body and are essential for even the smallest daily tasks. Treating them to a gentle yet stimulating massage can do wonders in keeping them healthy and happy.


Head Over Heels

(2 hrs)
Signature Massage (1 hour)
Glow-on-the-Go (30 mins)
Foot Reflexology (30 mins)

Head Over Heels

Experience our best-selling treatments from head-to-toe all in one go.

Calm and Bloom

(2 hrs 15 mins)
Signature Massage (60 mins)
Personalized Facial (75 mins)

Calm and Bloom

Reward yourself with a luxurious beauty and self-care me time.

Curate your Own

Choose 2-3 treatments to customize your perfect day of relaxation!

Curate your Own

Pick 2-3 corresponding treatments and get 10% off on the total price



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Located in San Antonio Place, Capitol Hills Drive. A relaxing haven giving each guest the comfort, relaxation and rest they need after a hard day’s work.

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